[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 18, No. 1 (2011) 184-186]
© 2011 The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Design of Artificial Apposition Compound Eye with Cylindrical Micro-Doublets


Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica, Luis Enrique Erro #1, Santa María Tonantzintla, 72840 Puebla, México

(Received May 31, 2010; Revised July 19, 2010; Accepted July 24, 2010)

We present the design of a non-conventional optical system that uses cylindrical micro-doublets (CMD), integrated in an artificial apposition compound eye configuration (AACE). We show some designs of an ultra-thin objective inspired in fly eyes. These designs can give options to create new technologies that will process information in a different and effective way as usual. This process will be carried out by means of sampling the object with an array of multiple micro lenses using a certain value of the acceptance angle, and processing the optical signal to obtain partial images that will be part of a global one. The objective has the advantage of having a smaller size, a wider field of view, and an acceptable image quality compared with some conventional systems. Design parameters of the AACE and optical performance of the CMD are reported.

Key words: apposition compound eye, camera micro-objective, optical design

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