[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 18, No. 4 (2011) 338-342]
© 2011 The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Investigation of Photonic Band Gap in a Semiconductor–Organic Photonic Crystal in Ultraviolet Region

Chien-Jang WU* and Huan-Chuen LIN

Institute of Electro-Optical Science and Technology, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei 116, Taiwan

(Received December 31, 2010; Accepted April 20, 2011)

We give a theoretical analysis of the photonic band gap in a one-dimensional semiconductor–organic photonic crystal containing a period of AlN/3-octylthiophenes (P3OT) bilayer. The band gap is investigated based on the reflectance calculated by using the transfer matrix method. It is shown that, in the ultraviolet region, there is a photonic band gap which is strongly dependent on the loss and the incident angle for the transverse electric and transverse magnetic waves. Additionally, we find the photonic band gap can be significantly widened in a ternary semiconductor–metal–organic one. The effect of distinct metal on the band gap is also illustrated.

Key words: photonic band structure, UV region, transfer matrix method, metal layer

*E-mail address: jasperwu@ntnu.edu.tw