[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 19, No. 3 (2012) 174-181]
© 2012 The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Optical Simulation of Reduced Retinal Illuminance Caused by Senile Miosis

Taka-aki SUZUKI1,2*, Katsunori OKAJIMA2, and Takashi FUNAI1

1Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka 421-1298, Japan 2Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University, Yokohama 240-8501, Japan

(Received December 12, 2011; Revised February 14, 2012; Accepted February 24, 2012)

In order to simulate elderly vision for young observers, we developed an optical goggle using filters whose transmittance optically simulates the senile miosis: reduction in retinal illuminance as a function of ambient illuminance. First, we measured the pupil size of young and elderly subjects (mean age were 21.8 and 67.1 years, respectively) under six illuminance conditions (from 0.03 to 4850 lx), and formulated the relationship between illuminance and pupillary area functions in both age groups. Next, the transmittance formulae for the filter simulating the senile miosis were derived based on the properties of the pupillary area and visual functions of the elderly and the young subjects including the effect of mydriasis induced by the reduction of light due to the filter in young observers. Finally, we developed a goggle-type simulator using active optical devices which enables young people to experience senile miosis in any environment in real time.

Key words: elderly vision, senile miosis, retinal illuminance, optical simulation, electrochromic device, aging changes of visual optics, optical effects on vision

*E-mail address: suzukita@iri.pref.shizuoka.jp