[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 20, No. 1 (2013) 26-30]
© 2013 The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Characteristics of Double-Plasmonic-Racetrack Resonator to Increase Quality Factor

Hiroyuki OKAMOTO1*, Sei ONISHI1, Mai KATAOKA1, Kenzo YAMAGUCHI2, Masanobu HARAGUCHI3, and Toshihiro OKAMOTO3

1Department of Systems and Control Engineering, Anan National College of Technology, Anan, Tokushima 774-0017, Japan
2Department of Advanced Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University, Takamatsu 761-0396, Japan
3Department of Optical Science and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokushima, Tokushima 770-8506, Japan

(Received June 20, 2012; Accepted November 1, 2012)

We have numerically evaluated wavelength characteristics at telecommunication wavelengths by means of a double-plasmonic-racetrack resonator using the finite-difference time domain method. We investigated the effect of the space between the two plasmonic racetracks of the resonator on the quality factor. The quality factor of the proposed structure is 57 when the space between two racetracks is 600 nm. The quality factor of a double-plasmonic-racetrack resonator of a dielectric-filled trench is 1.5 times greater than that of a single-plasmonic-racetrack resonator of an air-filled trench. The phase mismatch of the trench channel plasmon polaritons contributes to the quality factor of the double-plasmonic-racetrack resonator.

Key words: channel plasmon polaritons, trench structure, racetrack resonator, quality factor, finite-difference time domain method

*E-mail address: okamoto@anan-nct.ac.jp