Invited Speakers


Plenary Speaker

Ken Takeuchi (The University of Tokyo)
"Memory Circuit & Technology Co-design for AI Applications"

Silvano De Franceschi (CEA-INAC)
"Physics and technology challenges towards silicon-based quantum computing "

Invited Speakers

Carlos H. Diaz (TSMC)
"Silicon Nanoelectronics and VLSI"

Youngseok Kim (IBM Research)
"Hardware Algorithm Co-optimization on Resistive RAM Cross-bar Array for Scalable Analog Compute Technology for AI application "

Erik Bakkers (TU Eindhoven)
"Light emission from direct band gap hexagonal SiGe"

Quentin Smets (imec)
"Extreme scaling enabled by MX2 transistors: variability challenges"

Alexandre Schmid (EPFL)
"Implantable Neuro-Modulation Devices and Technology"

Takahiro Mori (AIST)
"High-temperature operation of silicon spin qubits up to 10 K with employing isoelectronic-trap-assisted tunnel FETs"