Professional Group of Multinary Compounds and Solar Cells
Updated on 2019.8.6

CaGa2Se4 Root of this group is "Professional Group of Ternary and Multinary Compounds" which was established in 1986 to investigate and study chalcopyrite semiconductors for solar cells and light emitting devices. In 2004 the Professional group of Ternary and Multinary Compounds had changed its name to the "Professional Group of Functional Multinary Compounds" and in 2013 the group was reorganized as "Professional Group of Multinary Compounds and Solar Cells"
After reorganization, the purposes of our group are to contribute the improvement and development of technology and knowledge for the multinary compounds and compound semiconductor solar cells, and to promote the contact between members.
To achieve the purposes our group will contribute the development of compound semiconductor thin film solar cells with a focus on CIGS and CZTS systems and the high efficiency next generation solar cells such as new type solar cells with III-V materials. And also, this group will continue the support of diversity studies and researches for multinary compounds, and will challenge the creation of the new functional materials and new function composite by the unified understanding of the multinary compounds involved solar cell materials.

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