Contents for Vol. 15, No. 6 Nov/Dec, 2008

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Regular Papers 259 Partially Coherent Vortex Beams Focused by an Aperture Lens with Coma Jie CHEN, Ziyang CHEN, Jixiong PU, and Yuan CHEN
  265 Fabrication and Characteristics of Thin-Film Optical Switches Using Fluorinated Silicon Oxide Deposited by a Liquid-Phase Technique Isamu TAKISHITA, Kenji KUROSU, and Tetsuya HOMMA
  269 The Effect of Body Bias of the Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor in the Resistive Network on Spatial Current Distribution in a Bio-Inspired Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Vision Chip Jae-Sung KONG, Hyo-Young HYUN, Sang-Ho SEO, and Jang-Kyoo SHIN
  276 Common-Path Double-Pass Optical Interferometry Using a Wire-Grid Polarizer as a Reference Mirror Toshihiko NAKATA and Masahiro WATANABE
  280 Pseudo 2-Transistor Active Pixel Sensor Using an N-well/Gate-Tied P-Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Eeffect Transistor-Type Photodetector with Built-in Transfer Gate Sang-Ho SEO, Min-Woong SEO, Jae-Sung KONG, Jang-Kyoo SHIN, and Pyung CHOI
  285 In Situ Detection and Identification of Microorganisms at Single-Colony Resolution by Spectral Imaging Kanae MIYAZAWA, Ken-ichi KOBAYASHI, Shigeki NAKAUCHI, and Akira HIRAISHI
  292 Regression-Based Model of Skin Diffuse Reflectance for Skin Color Analysis Norimichi TSUMURA, Daisuke KAWAZOE, Toshiya NAKAGUCHI, Nobutoshi OJIMA, and Yoichi MIYAKE
  295 Interference of Verbal Labels in Color Categorical Perception Kenji YOKOI, Tomoaki NISHIMORI, and Shinya SAIDA
  302 Recovery of Reflectance Spectra from Colorimetric Data Using Principal Component Analysis Embedded Regression Technique Tina HARIFI, Seyed Hossein AMIRSHAHI, and Farnaz AGAHIAN