Contents for Vol. 16, No. 4 July/Aug, 2009

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Letter 409 A Study on Approaching Motion Perception in Periphery with Binocular Viewing: Visibility is Increased in the Absence of One Eye's Information Lei WANG, Masanori IDESAWA, and Qin WANG
Regular Papers 413 Optical Design of Bent Rib Waveguide with MOS Cross-Section Chih T'sung SHIH, Zhi Wei ZENG, Yin Cheng CHANG, Yao-Jen LEE, and Shiuh CHAO
  416 Polarization Property of Light Guide Surface with Bilayered Nanostructure Chien-Chuan CHEN and Cheng-Huan CHEN
  422 Duty-Cycle-Division-Multiplexing: Bit Error Rate Estimation and Performance Evaluation Ghafour Amouzad MAHDIRAJI, Mohamad Khazani ABDULLAH, Makhfudzah MOKHTAR, Amin MALEKMOHAMMADI, and Ahmad Fauzi ABAS
  426 Tomographic Imaging of Incipient Dental-Caries Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Comparison with Various Modalities Jihoon NA, Jae Ho BAEK, Seon Young RYU, Changsu LEE, and Byeong Ha LEE
  432 Phase Shifting Technique Using Generalization of Carre Algorithm with Many Images Pedro Americo Almeida MAGALHAES, Jr., Perrin Smith NETO, and Clovis Sperb DE BARCELLOS
  442 Relationship between Wavelength Combination and Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Measuring Hemoglobin Concentrations Using Visible or Near-Infrared Light Tsukasa FUNANE, Hirokazu ATSUMORI, Hiroki SATO, Masashi KIGUCHI, and Atsushi MAKI
  449 The Effect of Vertical Angular Subtense on Perception of Slant from Horizontal Size Disparity Masahiro ISHII
Short Note 452 Extension of Grid Separation in the Finite Difference Time Domain Analysis for Predicting Time-Resolved Reflectance of an Optical Pulse from Scattering Medium with Non-scattering Regions Tadatoshi TANIFUJI
Special Section
The 6th International Conference on Optics-Photonics Design & Fabrication “ODF'08, Taipei”
Regular Papers 455 Fabrication of a Binary Diffractive Lens for Controlling the Luminous Intensity Distribution of LED Light Atsushi MOTOGAITO, Narito MACHIDA, Tadanori MORIKAWA, Katsuhide MANABE, Hideto MIYAKE, and Kazumasa HIRAMATSU
  458 Spectral Analysis of Scattered Light from Flowers' Petals Atsumi OZAWA, Tomomi UEHARA, Fumihiko SEKIGUCHI, and Hajime IMAI
  461 Spectroscopic Measurement of Glucose Content in a Solution Involving the Water Molecule Clusters Downsized by Ultrasonic Cavitations Noriaki SAIGA and Kenji MATSUDA
  466 A Simple Arbitrary Phase-Step Digital Holographic Reconstruction Approach without Blurring Using Two Holograms Wang-Ta HSIEH, Ming-Kuei KUO, Hon Fai YAU, and Chi-Ching CHANG
  472 Fast Acquisition of Reflectance Spectra using Wide Spectral Lines Laure FAUCH, Victor TEPLOV, Ervin NIPPOLAINEN, and Alexei A. KAMSHILIN
  476 Phase Shifting Grating-Slit Test Utilizing a Liquid Crystal Display Chao-Wen LIANG and Chien-Fu OU
  479 System for Measuring Optical Admittance of a Thin Film Stack Sheng-Hui CHEN, Kai WU, Chien-Cheng KUO, Sheng-Ju MA, and Cheng-Chung LEE
  483 Two-Dimensional Birefringence Measurement System with a Polarization Modulator and a Rotating Analyzer Kenzo YAMANAKA, Shinji KIMURA, and Masato NOGUCHI
  489 Evaluation of the Curvature of an Object by Talbot Interferometry Jing-Heng CHEN, Kun-Huang CHEN, Chien-Yuan HAN, Chun-Wei WU, and Nung-Yu WU
  492 Alternative Method of Wavelength Drift Free Dual-Wavelength Heterodyne Interferometry for the Absolute Distance Measurement Kun-Huang CHEN, Jing-Heng CHEN, Chi-Chang WU, and Wei-Yao CHANG
  495 Self-Calibration of a Phase-Shifting Adapter for Fizeau Interferometers Yuan OUYANG, Mang OU-YANG, and Hou-Cheng CHOU
  500 Cell Culture Device Using Spatial Light Modulator Chung-Jen OU, Ching-I SHEN, and Chung-Ming OU
  505 Optical and Mechanical Properties of AlF3 Films Produced by Pulse Magnetron Sputtering of Al Targets with CF4/O2 Gas Bo-Huei LIAO, Cheng-Chung LEE, Cheng-Chung JAING, and Ming-Chung LIU