Contents for Vol. 17, No. 5 Sept/Oct, 2010

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Letter 439 Volume Perception from Motion Xiaohong CHENG, Masanori IDESAWA, and Qin WANG
Regular Papers 443 Wavelength-Addressed Intra-Board Optical Interconnection by Plug-in Alignment with a Micro Hole Array Kenichi NAKAMA, Yuu TOKIWA, and Osamu MIKAMI
  447 Image Enlargement with High-Frequency Component Augmentation Based on Predefined Codebook Describing Edge Blurring Properties Hideaki KAWANO, Hakaru TAMUKOH, Noriaki SUETAKE, Byungki CHA, and Takashi ASO
  454 Optical Pulse Compression Using the Combination of Phase Modulation and High-Order Dispersion Compensation Guo DENG, Wei PAN, and Xihua ZOU
  459 A Method for Image Quality Evaluation Considering Adaptation to Luminance of Surround and Noise in Stimuli Youn Jin KIM
  467 Chaos Synchronization in Semiconductor Lasers with Polarization-Rotated Optical Feedback Yasutoshi TAKEUCHI, Rui SHOGENJI, and Junji OHTSUBO
  476 Estimation of Coupling Efficiency of Optical Fiber by Far-Field Method Keiji KATAOKA
  481 Resolution Improvement in Vertical-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser Diode Interferometry Based on Linear Least-Squares Estimation of Phase Gradients of Phase-Locked Fringes Seiichi KAKUMA and Yasuhiko KATASE
  486 Optical Head with Metal Cladding in Asymmetrical Butted-Grating Structure for Small Thermal Spot in Laser-Assisted Magnetic Recording Shin-ya HASEGAWA, Fumihiro TAWA, and Wataru ODAJIMA
  495 Use of Photonic Quantum Well as Tunable Defect in Multilayer Narrowband Reflection-and-Transmission Filter Yang-Hua CHANG, Chi-Chung LIU, and Chien-Jang WU
  499 Subnanometer-Accuracy Z-Position Monitor Mask for Optical Lithography Hiroshi NOMURA