Contents for Vol.2, No.4 August 1995

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Area Page Title Author(s)
Letters INFORMATION OPTICS 225 Theoretical Analysis of Photon-Mode Super-Resolution Optical Memory Using Saturable Absorption Dye Tsuyoshi TSUJIOKA, Toshio HARADA, Minoru KUME,Kazuhiko KUROKI, Masahiro IRIE
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 229 A Semiconductor Waveguide-Type Optical Frequency Shifter Shinji NISHIMURA, Hiroaki INOUE, Shigehisa TANAKA
  NONLINEAR OPTICS 233 Stability of Multidimensional Solitary Waves for Cubic-Quintic Nonlinearity Kazuya HAYATA, Hiroyuki HIGAKI, Masanori KOSHIBA
    236 Thermally Stable and Resonance Enhanced Large Nonlinear Optical Properties in Poled Silica Films Doped with Thiazole Azo Dye Hideki NAKAYAMA, Okihiro SUGIHARA, Hisashi FUJIMURA, Ryoka MATSUSHIMA, Naomichi OKAMOTO
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 239 Velocity and Acceleration Measurement from the Spatio-Temporal Fourier Transform of Low Light Level Images Manuel P. CAGIGAL, Pedro M. PRIETO
Regular Papers GENERAL AND PHYSICAL OPTICS 243 Talbot Images of Two-Dimensional Gaussian Beam Arrays with Amplitude Fluctuation Nobukatsu TAKAI, Yasuyuki KAGAYA
    249 Multiple Scattering Processes in Non-Stationary Radiation Field Masamichi MATSUMOTO
  INFORMATION OPTICS 255 Optical Module for Modified Signed-Digit Computing Based on Bit Plane Encoding and Pattern Operations Hongxin HUANG, Masahide ITOH, Toyohiko YATAGAI
    261 Integrated Image Associative Memory and Its Optical Implementation Joong Sun LEE, MasahiroYAMAGUCHI, Nagaaki OHYAMA
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 266 Shift, Rotation and Limited Scale Invariant Pattern Recognition Using Synthetic Discriminant Functions Hon-Fai YAU, Yueh OUYANG,Sha-Wei WANG
  NONLINEAR OPTICS 270 Effects of Small Signal Injection on Laser Diode Pumped Hybrid Bistable System with Large Delay Tahito AIDA, Yoshiki IINO
    280 Absolute Measurement of Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Coefficient of LiNbO3 by Parametric Processes Ayako KITAMOTO, Takashi KONDO,Ichiro SHOJI, Ryoichi ITO
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 285 Measurement of Shear in a Lateral Shearing Interferometer Haike GUAN, Masahiro YAMAGUCHI, Nagaaki OHYAMA
    289 Experimental Determination of the Useful Reflection Coefficient of Non-Cooperative Targets for a Time-of-Flight Laser Rangefinder Thierry BOSCH, Marc LESCURE
  ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND SPACE OPTICS 292 Absorption Coefficient Measurements of Strongly Scattering Media Using Time-Resolved Transmittance of a Short Pulse in Near-Infrared (NIR) Wavelength Range Sergei G. PROSKURIN, YukioYAMADA, Yukari TAKAHASHI
    298 The Role of Aerosols in Light Scattering in the Atmosphere Itaru SANO, Sonoyo MUKAI
    304 Polarized Multiply Scattered LIDAR Signals Martin KERSCHER, Wilhelm KRICHBAUMER, Masoud NOORMOHAMMADIAN, Ulrich G. OPPEL
    308 Sensing Atmospheric Turbulence by Laser Radiation Anna CONSORTINIL
    312 Polarization of Lidar Returns from Water Clouds: Calculations and Laboratory Scaled Measurements Piero BRUSCAGLIONI, Andrea ISMAELLI, Giovanni ZACCANTI, Marco GAI, Massimo GURIOLI
    319 Measurement of Dihedral Angle Errors of a Large-Aperture Space Retroreflector: Separation of the Effect of Sag Due to Gravity Atsushi MINATO, Nobuo SUGIMOTO, Zvi BLEIER, George C. HUNTER, James PAUL
Short Note LASERS 323 Finite Element Analysis of Thermal Characteristics in Continuous Wave Long Wavelength Surfase Emitting Lasers (II): Semiconductor Distributed Bragg Reflectors Toshihiko BABA, Tomonobu KONDOH, Fumio KOYAMA, Kenichi IGA

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