Contents for Vol. 21, No. 6 Nov/Dec, 2014

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Invited Review Papers 737 Design Method for Diffractive Lens for Imaging and Improvement of Diffraction Efficiency by Laminating Novel Nanocomposite Film on Diffractive Lens Tsuguhiro KORENAGA, Takamasa ANDO, Yuka OKADA, Seiji NISHIWAKI, and Masa-aki SUZUKI
  745 Optical Design of the High-Power Zoom Lens Daisuke ITO
  752 Linear and Nonlinear Raman Microspectroscopy: History, Instrumentation, and Applications Hideaki KANO, Hiroki SEGAWA, Philippe LEPROUX, and Vincent COUDERC
Letter 762 Annular Subaperture Stitching Method Based on Autocollimation Chen YIWEI, Miao ERLONG, Sui YONGXIN, and Yang HUAIJIANG
Regular Papers 765 One to One Imagery Using Single Hololens Configuration Abhijit GHOSH and A. K. NIRALA
  769 Detail Preserving Exposure Fusion for a Dual Sensor Camera Kuo CHEN, Yueting CHEN, Huajun FENG, and Zhihai XU
  775 High Power Narrow-Linewidth Tm:YLF Slab Laser with Volume Bragg Grating and Fabry–Perot Etalon Xiaoming DUAN, Yuanxue CAI, Yu DING, Tongyu DAI, and Kai ZHAO
  778 A Scene Based Nonuniformity Correction Algorithm for Line Scanning Infrared Image Fan FAN, Yong MA, Bo ZHOU, Yu FANG, Jinhui HAN, and Zhe LIU
  787 Simple Optical System for Manufacturing Point Diffraction Interferometer Plates in Titanium Films Using a Low Intensity CW Laser Beam Juan C. AGUILAR, J. Félix AGUILAR, and L. R. BERRIEL-VALDOS
  791 Research on Mechanism and Application of Effect of Adjustment Errors in Aspheric Surface Stitching Interferometry Yujing QIAO, Hongxin ZHANG, Ning LV, Yanchao TANG, and Junshi LI
  795 Depth of Field of Diffraction-Limited Imaging System Incorporating Electronic Devices Kimiaki YAMAMOTO
  800 Visual Recognition Based on Discriminative and Collaborative Representation Fengtao XIANG, Zhengzhi WANG, and Hongfu LIU
  810 Demonstration of Color Constancy in Photographs by Two Techniques: Stereoscope and D-up Viewer Chanprapha PHUANGSUWAN, Mitsuo IKEDA, and Hiroyuki SHINODA
  816 A Hybrid of Weighted Regression and Linear Models for Extraction of Reflectance Spectra from CIEXYZ Tristimulus Values Morteza Maali AMIRI and Seyed Hossein AMIRSHAHI
  826 A Stereo Matching in Complex Scene and Occlusion Handling Model Xing PANG, Yi ZHANG, Jing HAN, and Lian-fa BAI
Special Section:
The Commemoration of the Twentieth Anniversary of the OPTICAL REVIEW
Invited Review Papers 833 Evolution of Wavefront Metrology Enabling Development of High-Resolution Optical Systems Yutaka ICHIHARA
  839 Lens Optics Brilliant Forever Masato SHIBUYA
  849 Spatial Statistical Optics and Spatial Correlation Holography: A Review Mitsuo TAKEDA, Wei WANG, Dinesh N. NAIK, and Rakesh K. SINGH
  862 Evolution of EDFA from Single-Core to Multi-Core and Related Recent Progress in Optical Communication Masataka NAKAZAWA
  875 Architectures and Applications of High-Speed Vision Yoshihiro WATANABE, Hiromasa OKU, and Masatoshi ISHIKAWA
  883 48 Years with Holography Toshihiro KUBOTA
  893 Advances and New Functions of VCSEL Photonics Fumio KOYAMA
  905 From Classical to Modern Near-Field Optics and the Future Motoichi OHTSU
  911 Categorical Color Perception of Color Normal and Deficient Observers Keiji UCHIKAWA