[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 3, No. 2 (1996) 83-88]

Paraxial Approximation of Modern Radiometry for Beamlike Wave Propagation

Andrey S. OSTROVSKY*[footnote]

Facultad de Ciencias Fisico Matematicas, Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, 72570, Puebla, Pue, Mexico

(Received July 10, 1995; Accepted January 31, 1996)

A new approach to the construction of a system of the generalized radiometric quantities expressed in terms of the cross-spectral density function of the wave field is proposed. The key distinction of this approach lies in the fact that the initial hypothesis of beamlike wave propagation allows to invoke the paraxial approximation when deducing the generalized radiant flux. Within the framework of this approach the new expressions for the generalized radiant emittance, the generalized radiant intensity and the generalized radiance are derived. All the proposed generalized radiometric characteristics represent physically measurable quantities and, hence, may be used in practical radiometry. The results obtained in this paper can be regarded as a particular case of the modern radiometry theory in paraxial approximation for beamlike wave propagation.

Key words : modern radiometry, beamlike wave propagation, paraxial approximation, generalized radiometric characteristics

*On leave from Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine.