Contents for Vol. 19, No. 3 May/June, 2012

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Letter 121 Anonymous Quantum Network Voting Scheme Yuan LI and Guihua ZENG
Regular Papers 125 Propagating a Partially Coherent Radially Polarized Beam through Aligned and Misaligned ABCD Optical Systems Yuzhao MA
  131 Enhancement of the Lohmann-Type Computer-Generated Hologram Encoded by Direct Multilevel Search Algorithm Hitoshi TAMURA and Yasuhiro TORII
  142 Fidelity Evaluation of Metallic Luster in Six-Band High-Dynamic-Range Imaging Yuri MURAKAMI, Jin NOMURA, Manabu OHYAMA, and Masahiro YAMAGUCHI
  150 Silica-Taper Array for Beam Shaping of High Power Laser Diode Bar Chu LIU, Fan ZHANG, Chuncan WANG, Yuchun LU, Rui GENG, and Shuisheng JIAN
  154 Projection-Type Moiré Topography with Frequency Modulation Technique Using Liquid Crystal Digital Gratings Fumio KOBAYASHI, Yukitoshi OTANI, and Toru YOSHIZAWA
  159 Study on Mechanism of Ultrasonic Fluorescence Modulation in Light Scattering Medium Based on Diffusion Approximation with Varying Refractive Index Trinh Quang DUC, Shunsuke KANETA, and Masaki KOBAYASHI
  167 Effects of Diffuse and Specular Reflections on the Perceived Age of Facial Skin Carlos ARCE-LOPERA, Takanori IGARASHI, Keisuke NAKAO, and Katsunori OKAJIMA
  174 Optical Simulation of Reduced Retinal Illuminance Caused by Senile Miosis Taka-aki SUZUKI, Katsunori OKAJIMA, and Takashi FUNAI
  182 Background Updating and Shadow Detection Based on Spatial, Color, and Texture Information of Detected Objects Ahmed Mahmoud HAMAD and Norimichi TSUMURA
Short Note 198 Novel Exposure System Using Light-Emitting Diodes and an Optical Fiber Array for Printing Code Marks Jun-ya IWASAKI and Toshiyuki HORIUCHI