Contents for Vol. 19, No. 4 July/Aug, 2012

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Invited Review Paper 201 Laguerre–Gaussian Modes Selection in Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers Yury SENATSKY, Jean-Francois BISSON, Jianlang LI, Akira SHIRAKAWA, Manasadevi THIRUGNANASAMBANDAM, and Ken-ichi UEDA
Regular Papers 222 Phase-Modulation Fluorometer Using a Phase-Modulated Excitation Light Source Takahiko MIZUNO, Yasuhiro MIZUTANI, and Tetsuo IWATA
  228 Synthetic Aperture Digital Holography with Cross-Correlation of Reconstruction Images Yujin ISHI and Shinichi KOMATSU
  235 Characteristics of p-ZnO/n-GaN Heterojunction Photodetector Abla AL-ZOUHBI, Nasser Saad AL-DIN, and M. Omar MANASREH
  238 Development of a Double-Sided Micro Lens Array for Micro Laser Projector Application Fong-Zhi CHEN, Cheng-Huan CHEN, Cheng-Hsien WU, Ching-Hsiang KUO, Jyh-Rou SZE, Wei-Yao HSU, and Yuan-Chieh CHENG
  242 All Optical Logic Gates Based on Cavity Solitons with Nonlinear Gain Mansour ESLAMI and Reza KHERADMAND
  247 Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Shape and Absolute Optical Thickness of a Glass Plate by Wavelength Tuning Phase-Shifting Interferometry Kenichi HIBINO, Yangjin KIM, Sangyu LEE, Yohan KONDO, Naohiko SUGITA, and Mamoru MITSUISHI
  254 Multiple-Reflection Model of Human Skin and Estimation of Pigment Concentrations Rie OHTSUKI, Shoji TOMINAGA, and Osamu TANNO
  264 Design for Directional Emitter Based on Self-Collimation Photonic Crystal by Adding Two-Layer Dielectric Rods Lanlan ZHANG, Qi LI, and Qi WANG
  268 Perception of Heading Speed from Radial Flow Depends on Visual Field Kaori SEGAWA, Hiroyasu UJIKE, Katsunori OKAJIMA, and Shinya SAIDA
  276 Rapid and Implicit Effects of Color Category on Visual Search Kenji YOKOI, Katsumi WATANABE, and Shinya SAIDA
  282 Simulation Study of Ghost Image Phenomenon Induced by Contrast Enhancement Film in Plasma Display Panels Tae Won BEOM, Gi Chan PARK, Jin Woo LEE, Hun KIM, Hye Rim KIM, Seong Seon SHIN, and Jong Rak PARK