Contents for Vol. 21, No. 3 May/June, 2014

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Invited Review Papers 185 Diffuse Optical Tomography: Present Status and Its Future Yukio YAMADA and Shinpei OKAWA
Letters 206 InGaAs Circular-Grating-Coupled Surface Emitting Laser with Focusing Function Fabricated by Electron Beam Writing with Circular Scanning Ashim Kumar SAHA, Masahiro UEMUKAI, and Toshiaki SUHARA
Regular Papers 210 Analysis of Light Propagation in Highly Scattering Media by Path-Length-Assigned Monte Carlo Simulations Katsuhiro ISHII, Izumi NISHIDATE, and Toshiaki IWAI
  215 Glare Effect for Three Types of Street Lamps Based on White LEDs Ching-Cherng SUN, Chong-Jhih JIANG, Yi-Chun CHEN, and Tsung-Hsun YANG
  220 Spatiotemporal Multiplexing and Streaming of Hologram Data for Full-Color Holographic Video Display Xuewu XU, Xinan LIANG, Yuechao PAN, Ruitao ZHENG, and Zhiming Abel LUM
  226 Spatially Regularized and Locality-Constrained Linear Coding for Human Action Recognition Bin WANG, Wen GAI, Shouchun GUO, Yu LIU, Wei WANG, and Maojun ZHANG
  237 Hiding a Checkered-Pattern Carrier-Screen Image in a Camouflaged Halftone Image Rui SHOGENJI and Junji OHTSUBO
  243 Simple Analog-Digital Motion Detection Circuit and Its Application to Mobile Robot Kimihiro NISHIO and Taiki YASUDA
  249 Analysis of Femtosecond Pulsed Beam Propagation in Dispersive Directional Coupler Mohammad S. AKOND
  256 High-Pulse-Energy Passively Mode-Locked Nd:YVO4 Laser without Spatial Hole Burning Effect Chao YANG, Meng CHEN, and Gang LI
  261 Effect of Linewidth Enhancement Factor on the Stability Map of Optically Injected Distributed Feedback Laser Najm M. AL-HOSINY
  265 Dynamic Properties of Second-Harmonic Intensity of a Nanosecond-Order Laser Pulse Tetsuo HARIMOTO and Hidetomo TSUGANE
  270 Measurement of Lens Aberration Based on Vector Imaging Theory Lisong DONG, Yanqiu LI, Xuejia GUO, Hao LIU, and Ke LIU
  276 Analysis of Shupe Effect in Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fiber-Optic Gyroscope Ningfang SONG, Zuoming SUN, Jingming SONG, Wang SHU, Shuai LI, and Chunxi ZHANG
  280 A Method to Evaluate Error Correction Ability of Computer Controlled Optical Surfacing Process Jia WANG, Bin FAN, Yongjian WAN, Chunyan SHI, and Bin ZHUO
  286 A New Approach for Extracting Phase Effect Based on In-Line X-ray Phase Imaging Tian XIA, Junshan MA, Xuelong ZHANG, Jinghai CHENG, Weijun PENG, and Xufeng YAO
  292 Detection Method for Small and Dim Targets from a Time Series of Images Observed by a Space-Based Optical Detection System HaiBin PAN, GuangHua SONG, LiJun XIE, and Yao ZHAO
  298 Ecologically Valid Defocus Blur Contributes to Avoidance of Interocular Suppression in Half-Occluded Zones Masahiro SUZUKI
  304 Eigenspace-Based Tracking for Feature Points Chen PENG, Qian CHEN, and Wei-xian QIAN
Special Section:
The Tenth Japan-Fi nland Joint Symposium on
Regular Papers 313 Spectral Reflectance Estimation for Electronic Endoscope Vladimir Alexandrovich BOCHKO, Yoichi MIYAKE, and Jarmo Tapani ALANDER
  320 Low-Loss Photon-to-Electron Conversion Farshid MANOOCHERI, Meelis SILDOJA, Timo Dönsberg, Mikko MERIMAA, and Erkki IKONEN
  325 Complex Wavefront Reconstruction of Digital In-Line Holography with a Spatial Radial Carrier Nobukazu YOSHIKAWA and Toshiya KOSEKI
  333 Application of Wide-Field Optical Coherence Tomography to Monitoring of Viability of Rat Brain In Vivo Manabu SATO and Izumi NISHIDATE
  339 Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Active Substrates by Liquid Flame Spray Deposited and Inkjet Printed Silver Nanoparticles Jarkko J. SAARINEN, Dimitar VALTAKARI, Janne HAAPANEN, Turkka SALMINEN, Jyrki M. Mäkelä, and Jun UOZUMI
  345 Frame-Rate Analysis of Arterial Blood Flow in Human and Rat Using Laser Speckle Image Sensing Naomichi YOKOI, Junki SATO, Yuichi SHIMATANI, Masaki KYOSO, Hideki FUNAMIZU, and Yoshihisa AIZU
  353 Development of Non-Deterioration-Type Skin Tissue Phantom Using Silicone Material Saidatul IVA, Akihiro TANABE, Takaaki MAEDA, Hideki FUNAMIZU, and Yoshihisa AIZU
  359 Simulation of Spectral Reflectances in Human Skin Tissue Using Ray Tracing and GPU-Based Monte Carlo Method Hideki FUNAMIZU, Takaaki MAEDA, Shoko SASAKI, Izumi NISHIDATE, and Yoshihisa AIZU
  364 Direct Search Coding Algorithm with Reduction in Computing Time by Simultaneous Selection Rule Hitoshi TAMURA
  369 Color Adjustment Algorithm Adapted to the Spectral Reflectance Estimation Method Tomonori YUASA, Ryosuke HONMA, Hideki FUNAMIZU, Izumi NISHIDATE, and Yoshihisa AIZU
  373 Far Infrared (THz) Absorption Spectra for the Quantitative Differentiation of Calcium Carbonate Crystal Structures: Exemplified in Mixtures and in Paper Coatings Prince BAWUAH, Márton Zsolt KISS, Pertti SILFSTEN, Carl-Mikael TÅG, Patrick A. C. GANE, and Kai-Erik PEIPONEN
  378 Experimental Study on Air–Liquid Interface Effect of Brownian Dynamics Using Spectral-Domain Low-Coherence Dynamic Light Scattering Toshiharu WATARAI and Toshiaki IWAI
  382 Optical Detection of Mechanically Damaged Areas on Manufactured Metal Parts by Spatial Frequency Filtering Katsuhiro UNO and Takemune KIHOU
  389 Axial Super-resolution by Mirror-reflected Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy Takahiro DEGUCHI, Sami KOHO, Tuomas Näreoja, and Pekka Hänninen
  395 Optical Multi-Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Absorbance, Turbidity, and Fluorescence of a Liquid Reetaleena RISSANEN, Ilpo NISKANEN, Jukka Räty, Pirjo Kyyrönen, Asta LEINONEN, Risto Myllylä, and Kai-Erik PEIPONEN
  401 High-Power Diode-Pumped Mode-Locked Yb:YAG Ceramic Laser Shinki NAKAMURA, Yuto HIKITA, Hiroyasu SONE, Takayo OGAWA, and Satoshi WADA
  404 Rotation- and Size-Invariant Object Identification System Using the Liquid Crystal on Silicon Device Katsuhiro UNO, Yuta KAMIKOZAWA, and Isao SHIMIZU
  410 Phase-Shifting Interferometric Profilometry with a Wavelength-Tunable Diode Source Takeshi TAKAHASHI, Yukihiro ISHII, and Ribun ONODERA
  415 Dynamically Reconfigurable Characteristics of a Double Phase Conjugate Mirror Using Sn2P2S6 Crystals and Their Application to Optical Inter-Satellite Communication Kaori NISHIMAKI, Atsushi OKAMOTO, Atsushi SHIBUKAWA, Masanori TAKABAYASHI, Akihisa TOMITA, and Yoshihisa TAKAYAMA