Conference proceeding papers will be published in JJAP Conference Proceedings ( Separately, progress review papers by the invited speakers and some original papers selected by publishing committee will be published in a special issue of Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) (

The manuscript must be original.

Please note that the instruction and submission procedure of manuscripts differ between JJAP Conference Proceedings and JJAP special issue since their publication procedures are completely separately made.

JJAP Conference Proceedings template

A manuscript should be prepared using the following template ( since the manuscript submitted in pdf is published as it is.

JJAP special issue template

The publication procedure is made similarly to the regular publication of JJAP. Template for preparing manuscript is available on the following site (

The authors selected by publishing committee are recommended to use the template in order to make review and publication processes smooth.

Paper submission to JJAP Conference Proceedings

General contributed papers of APAC-SILICIDE 2016 should be submitted from the JJAP conference proceedings web site by August 31, 2016 (extended -> ) September 14, 2016. The following submission site for JJAP CP will be opened at the end of June.

Paper submission to JJAP special issue

The publishing committee of APAC-SILICIDE 2016 have asked the submission to the authors selected to a special issue of Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. The selected papers should be submitted from the JJAP special issue web site on IOP Science by August 31, 2016 (extended -> ) September 14, 2016.

The submission site for JJAP special issue will be opened at the end of June.

ATTENSION: When authors submit their articles from JJAP general online submission, that is a different site, their articles cannot be forwarded to our review process both for the JJAP special issue.

About the program number (PN)

The PN at the conference will be required to complete your submission. The PN such as [16-PM-I-1] will be informed in the program of APAC-Silicide 2016.

Publication charge

Except for progress review articles by plenary and invited speakers, all regular papers to be published in JJAP Special Issue will be charged by 20,000 JPY per one paper. Details, see the following site ( ).

Publication charge of JJAP Conference Proceedings is free.