The organizing committee welcomes researchers and students with interests in the science and technology of semiconducting silicides and related materials to "APAC Silicide 2016" (Asia-Pacific Conference on Semiconducting Silicides and Related Materials Science and Technology Towards Sustainable Electronics).

Since 1997, Professional Group on Semiconducting Silicides and Related Materials of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) has held the annual school on semiconducting silicides and related materials every summer for Japanese students and young scientists. The first international meeting on semiconducting silicides was held as the Japan-UK Joint Workshop on Kankyo Semiconductors, Tsukuba, Japan in 2000. Since this new engineering paradigm was launched, research activities on semiconducting silicides have expanded dramatically.

The scope of APAC Silicide 2016 is strongly related to those of previous international conferences on Green Technology with silicides and related materials, ICSS-Silicide 2014 in Tokyo , APAC Silicide 2013 in Tsukuba , APAC Silicide 2010 in Tsukuba , and APAC Silicide 2006 in Kyoto . The proceedings of ICSS-Silicide 2014 were published in a special issue of Japanese Journal of Applied Physics [JJAP] ( ) and JJAP Conference Proceedings.

APAC Silicide 2016 will be a good opportunity to study and discuss the advanced silicide technology.

This conference will cover the following technical areas:

1. Silicide green technology: Energy conversion devices, thermoelectrics, solar cells, batteries, ecologically friendly processes.

2. Electronic and photonic applications: optoelectronics, photonics, photonic crystals, spintronics, etc.

3. Crystal growth, thin films, bulk crystals, epitaxial growth

4. Structural analyses and observations

5. Surface sciences and technology

6. Optical, electrical, electronic and magnetic properties

7. Theory, calculations and simulations