19th International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds
September 1-5, 2014  |  Niigata, JAPAN

Program Committee

Topic 1: Growth and preparation techniques; bulk materials, thin films, nanostructured materials, nanoscale structures
A. Yamada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)  Area chair
T. Minemoto (Ritsumeikan University)
M. Sugiyama (Tokyo University of Science)
Y. Nose (Kyoto University)
Topic 2: Characterization techniques, including large scale facilities
S. Shirakata (Ehime University)  Area chair
H. Uchiki (Nagaoka University of Technology)
N. Terada (Kagoshima)
N. Mamedov (Azerbaijan Academy of Science)
Topic 3: Computational material design and modeling
T. Wada (Ryukoku University)  Area chair
R. Asahi (Toyota Central R&D Labs.)
T. Maeda (Ryukoku University)
Topic 4: Photovoltaic materials and applications (CIGSSe, CZTS, CTS, etc.)
S. Niki (AIST)  Area chair
H. Shibata (AIST)
T. Sakurai (University of Tsukuba)
T. Negami (Panasonic)
Topic 5: New high-efficiency solar-cell design based on multi-junction, nano-dots, mid-gap-state, and others
M. Imaizumi (JAXA)  Area chair
T. Takamoto (Sharp)
Topic 6: Light emitting materials and devices
K. Hara (Shizuoka University)  Area chair
T. Takizawa (Nihon University)
H. Miyake (Mie University)
Topic 7: Spintronic, thermoelectric, multiferroic and superconductive materials and applications
N. Uchitomi (Nagaoka University of Technology)  Area chair
K. Sato (JST)
Y. Takahashi (NIMS)
M. Matoba (Keio University)
T. Arima (University of Tokyo)
K. Hamaya (Kyushu University)
M. Takeda (Nagaoka University of Technology)
T. Itoh (AIST)
T. Maeda (Kochi University of technology)
Topic 8: Miscellaneous
K. Wakita (Chiba Institute of Technology)  Chair, Area chair
T. Matsumoto (Yamanashi University)
K. Mimura (Osaka Prefecture Univeristy)
Y.-G. Shim (Osaka Prefecture Univeristy)