19th International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds
September 1-5, 2014  |  Niigata, JAPAN

Invited Speakers

[Plenary] Masafumi Yamaguchi (Japan)
Fundamentals and R&D Status of III-V Compound Solar Cells and Materials
[Plenary] Katsumi Kushiya (Japan)
High efficiency and large volume production of CIS-based modules
Rakesh Agrawal (the United States)
Nanoparticle Ink Based Route for Thin Film Solar Cells of Quaternary Chalcogenides
Tsutomu Araki (Japan)
RF-MBE Growth of InN and InGaN Ternary Alloys Using DERI
Clemens Heske (the United States)
Using soft x-rays and electrons to determine the electronic structure of multinary semiconductors for solar energy conversion
Susan Schorr (Germany)
Point defect characteristics of quaternary compound semiconductors
Su-Huai Wei (the United States)
First-principles design of multinary compounds for energy applications
Tatsuya Takamoto (Japan)
Improvement on High efficiency Multi-junction Solar Cells
Robert John Walters (the United States)
High Efficiency PV Opportunities for Quantum Wells on InP
Ekins Daukes (UK)
Nanostructured electronic and optical materials for high efficiency solar cells
Dirk Poelman (Belgium)
Persistent luminescence: materials and applications
Masashi Ishii (Japan)
Selective atomic-scale-evaluation of luminescent rare-earth dopants: Site-selective x-ray absorption fine structure using x-ray excited optical luminescence (XEOL-XAFS)
Joachim Paier (Germany)
Redox properties and reactivity of Au/ceria and VOx/ceria interfaces:Insights, pitfalls, and caveats born out of DFT
Hideo Hosono (Japan)
Hydrogen-bearing iron-based superconductors
Jun Akimitsu (Japan)
The new superconductor recently discovered by our group
Koki Takanashi (Japan)
Advanced spintronic materials based on ordered alloys
Sadamichi Maekawa (Japan)
Spin Current and Spin Seebeck Effect
Takahisa Arima (Japan)
Toward the electric-field control of magnetization in matter
Yuji Sutou (Japan)
Phase change characteristics of Cu-Ge-Te ternary film and its application to PCRAM
Ion Tiginyanu (Moldova)
Nanostructuring of Semiconductor Compounds by Design
Nazim Mamedov (Azerbaijan)
TlMeX2: Band Structure, Optical Properties and Application