Contents for Vol. 18, No. 1 Jan/Feb, 2011

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Regular Papers 1 The Phase Mode of Reflected Beam from Laser Retroreflector with Dihedral Angle and Flatness Error Hui ZHOU, Song LI, and Guoxing ZHENG
  7 Measuring the Topological Charge of Integer and Fraction Vortices Using Multipoint Plates Yang-yue LI, Hui LIU, Zi-yang CHEN, Ji-xiong PU, and Bao-li YAO
  13 Generation of Flat Optical Frequency Comb by Fiber Loop Modulation Masaki HIRANO and Akihiro MORIMOTO
  19 Tomographic Implementation of Astronomical Speckle Imaging from Bispectra Susumu KUWAMURA, Yuuki YOSHINOYA, Noriaki MIURA, Fumiaki TSUMURAYA, Makoto SAKAMOTO, and Naoshi BABA
  27 An Optimum Design and Fabrication of Lens on Luminous Uniformity and Light Extraction of High-Power Light-Emitting Diode Yi-Cheng HSU
  34 Effect of Desiccant on the Performance of Green Organic Light-Emitting Device ZHONG Jian, GAO Zhuo, YU Junsheng, and JIANG Yadong
  39 Ferrule Material Dependence of Axial Force Sensitivity of a Tunable Optical Frequency Filter Made of Fiber Fabry–Perot Etalon Mitsuhiro TATEDA and Mohan DONG
  42 Chaotic Synchronization of Two Inverse-Injection Semiconductor Lasers for Logic Gates YAN Sen Lin
  47 Laser-Assisted Magnetic Recording Light-Delivery System with a Coupling Element and a Laterally Tapered Vertically Multistepped Waveguide Shin-ya HASEGAWA and Wataru ODAJIMA
Special Section: The 7th International Conference on
Optics-photonics Design & Fabrication “ODF'10, Yokohama”
Regular Papers 55 Development of Ultrawide-Angle Compact Camera Using Free-Form Optics Koichi TAKAHASHI
  60 Fabrication and Verification for the Small-Form-Factor Holographic Optical Pickup Kuan Chou HOU, Po Chien CHOU, Stone CHENG, Yue Jheng LIN, Yi CHIU, and Jin Chern CHIOU
  66 Investigation of Temporal and Angular Dispersions in Conical Mirrors Systems for Ultrashort Pulses Haider M. AL-JUBOORI and Juergen BAEHR
  69 Spectroscopic Studies on Aquatic Angiosperm Atsumi OZAWA, Nana OOMIZO, Rieko FUJINAMI, Ryoko IMAICHI, and Hajime IMAI
  72 Enlarging Lens Design with F-Θ Lens for Real Time Laser Lithography Inspections Kuang-Lung HUANG, Mei CHU, Cheng-Huan CHEN, Yu-Chung LIN, Min-Kai LEE, and Sung-Ho LIU
  76 Practical Issues for Two-Light-Sources Model of Phosphor-Based White Light-Emitting Diode Lin-Ann HONG, Chung-Jen OU, Yu-Cheng CHANG, and Fuh-Shyang JUANG
  80 Acrylic and Metal Based Y-Branch Plastic Optical Fiber Splitter with Optical NOA63 Polymer Waveguide Taper Region Abang Annuar EHSAN, Sahbudin SHAARI, and Mohd Kamil ABD. RAHMAN
  86 Fabrication of 1×2 Asymmetric Plastic Optical Fiber Coupler for Portable Optical Access-Card System Abang Annuar EHSAN, Sahbudin SHAARI, and Mohd Kamil Abd. RAHMAN
  93 Fiber-Optic Humidity Sensor Based on an Air-Gap Long Period Fiber Grating Ming-Yue FU, Guei-Ru LIN, Wen-Fung LIU, and ChengWen WU
  96 The Glass-Molding Process for Planar-Integrated Micro-Optical Component Chien-Yao HUANG, Jyh-Rou SZE, Kuo-Cheng HUANG, Chao-Hui KUO, Shih-Feng TSENG, and Chang-Pin CHOU
  99 Phase-Shifting Mask Design for Interference Exposure of Chirp Blazed Grating Shogo URA, Kenji KINTAKA, Hideyuki AWAZU, Yasuhiro AWATSUJI, and Junji NISHII
  103 Quadrature Phase-shifting Interferometer Using Spatial Carrier Tomohiro KIIRE, Suezou NAKADATE, Masato SHIBUYA, and Toyohiko YATAGAI
  107 GaN Ultraviolet Schottky Barrier Photodetectors with ZrO2 or SiO2 Insulators Chin-Hsiang CHEN
  111 Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Carrier Balance Structures Chin-Hsiang CHEN
  114 Low Loss Liquid Crystal Photonic Bandgap Fiber in the Near-Infrared Region Lara SCOLARI, Lei WEI, Sebastian GAUZA, Shin-Tson WU, and Anders BJARKLEV
  117 Optical Interconnection between Different Spatial Modes Using Double Phase Conjugate Mirror with Polarization Alignment System Yuta WAKAYAMA, Atsushi OKAMOTO, Alexander A. GRABAR, and Kunihiro SATO
  124 Stabilized Generation of Wavelength Conversion by Using High-Accurate Self-Phase Modulation Based All-Optical Limiter Kentaro KAWANISHI, Tsuyoshi KONISHI, Hiroomi GOTO, and Kazuyoshi ITOH
  128 Examination of the Developed Scanning System for Red–Green–Blue Laser Projector with a Feedback Control Ming-Fei CHEN, Yu-Sen HO, Chien-Kai CHUNG, Wei-Lun HUANG, and Shen-Mao WANG
  132 Development of Optical Fiber-Based Respiration Sensor for Noninvasive Respiratory Monitoring Wook Jae YOO, Kyoung Won JANG, Jeong Ki SEO, Ji Yeon HEO, Jin Soo MOON, Jae Hoon JUN, Jang-Yeon PARK, and Bongsoo LEE
  139 Measurements of Spectral Responses for Developing Fiber-Optic pH Sensor Wook Jae YOO, Ji Yeon HEO, Kyoung Won JANG, Jeong Ki SEO, Jin Soo MOON, Jang-Yeon PARK, Byung Gi PARK, Seunghyun CHO, and Bongsoo LEE
  144 Fabrication and Comparison of Thermochromic Material-Based Fiber-Optic Sensors for Monitoring the Temperature of Water Wook Jae YOO, Jeong Ki SEO, Kyoung Won JANG, Ji Yeon HEO, Jin Soo MOON, Jang-Yeon PARK, Byung Gi PARK, and Bongsoo LEE
  149 Image Recovery by Backward Iteration of the Non-Standard Finite Difference Time Domain Algorithm James B. COLE and Kisalaya CHAKRABARTI
  153 Improved Measurement of Dynamic Modulation Transfer Functions on Display Using Pursuit Camera Method Based on Wavelet-denoising Method Shau-Wei HSU, Chia-Ying CHANG, Zong-Ying CHUNG, and Kuei-Neng WU
  157 Correlations of Image Quality Metrics Studied Using Systematically Distorted Videos Shau-Wei HSU, Yu-Ta CHEN, Bao-Jen PONG, and Sheng-Tzung KUO
  162 Evaluations of Vertical Resolution of Conductive Polymer Three-Dimensional Microstructures Photofabricated in Transparent Polymer Sheet Katsumi YAMADA, Akemi KYOYA, Junji SONE, and Jun CHEN
  166 Optical Properties of a Waveguide Written Inside a LiTaO3 Crystal by Irradiation with Focused Femtosecond Laser Pulses Makoto KUMATORIYA, Miki NAKABAYASHI, Masaaki SAKAKURA, Yasuhiko SHIMOTSUMA, Kiyotaka MIURA, Takashi FUJII, and Kazuyuki HIRAO
  171 Detection and Evaluation of Security Features Embedded in Paper Using Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Kazuo FUJIWARA and Osamu MATOBA
  176 Measurements and Removal of Cerenkov Light Generated in Scintillating Fiber-Optic Sensor Induced by High-Energy Electron Beams Using a Spectrometer Kyoung Won JANG, Wook Jae YOO, Jeong Ki SEO, Ji Yeon HEO, Jinsoo MOON, Jang-Yeon PARK, Sin KIM, Byung Gi PARK, and Bongsoo LEE
  180 Optical-Path-Length-Shifting Color Digital Holography Takashi KAKUE, Mitsuo KUWAMURA, Yuki SHIMOZATO, Tatsuki TAHARA, Yasuhiro AWATSUJI, Kenzo NISHIO, Shogo URA, Toshihiro KUBOTA, and Osamu MATOBA
  184 Design of Artificial Apposition Compound Eye with Cylindrical Micro-Doublets Anel GARZA-RIVERA and Francisco-J RENERO-CARRILLO
  187 Volume Holographic Imaging Element with Background Noise Reduction Function for Eye-Gaze Detection under White Light Illumination Yukako TAKIZAWA, Yoichi KITAGAWA, Tetsuya MATSUMOTO, Akio MIZUNO, Takaharu SATO, and Osamu MATOBA