Contents for Vol. 20, No. 2 March/April, 2013

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Regular Papers 83 Evaluation of a Dichromatic Color-Appearance Simulation by a Visual Search Task Shoji SUNAGA, Tomomi OGURA, and Takeharu SENO
  94 Analysis of Skin Surface Roughness by Visual Assessment and Surface Measurement Rie OHTSUKI, Takeshi SAKAMAKI, and Shoji TOMINAGA
Special Section: The 8th International Conference on
Optics-photonics Design & Fabrication “ODF'12, St. Petersburg”
Invited Review Papers 103 Optical Design and Active Optics Methods in Astronomy Gerard R. LEMAITRE
Regular Papers 118 Maximizing Tolerancing Benefits Using Optical Design Tools Richard N. YOUNGWORTH
  120 Design of Multi-Mirror Optics for Industrial Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Fei LIU and Yanqiu LI
  127 Characterization and Compensation of Phase Distortions in Holograms for Generating and Detecting Doughnut Beams Yoko MIYAMOTO, Koichi BITO, Yusuke OZAKI, Atsushi WADA, and Mitsuo TAKEDA
  132 Simulation of Color Shift in Fluorescent LED Cap Dmitry ZHDANOV, Sergey ERSHOV, Sergey POZDNYAKOV, Igor POTEMIN, Takashi HYODO, Alexey VOLOBOY, and Vladimir GALAKTIONOV
  137 Axial Non-Mechanical Scan in Laser Doppler Velocimeter Using Single Diffraction Grating Koichi MARU and Takahiro HATA
  141 Omni-Directional Reflectors for Deep Blue LED Using Symmetric Autocloning Method Sheng-Hui CHEN, Chun-Ko CHEN, Yu-Chia HUANG, and Cheng-Chung LEE
  145 Single-Lens Camera Based on a Pyramid Prism Array to Capture Four Images Wen-Shing SUN, Chuen-Lin TIEN, Chien-Yue CHEN, and Der-Chin CHEN
  153 Thermal Optical Path Difference Analysis of Off-Axis Lens Ray Trace Foot-Print Ming-Ying HSU, Han-Chao CHANG, and Shenq-Tsong CHANG
  155 Automatic Design of Illumination Systems Dmitry ZHDANOV, Alexey GARBUL, Vadim MAYOROV, Vadim SOKOLOV, Igor POTEMIN, Takashi HYODO, Alexey VOLOBOY, and Vladimir GALAKTIONOV
  160 Point Spread Aberration Structure in Case of Optical Elements Decentering Elena ERMOLAEVA, Elena RYTOVA, Irina TIMOSHTUK, and Victor ZVEREV
  163 The Development of a Portable Line-Shaping Optical System for Silicon Surface Treatment Shih-Feng TSENG, Wen-Tse HSIAO, Han-Chao CHANG, and Ming-Fei CHEN
  167 Development of Portable Laser Machining System for Laser Writing Applications Wen-Tse HSIAO, Shih-Feng TSENG, Chien-Kai CHUNG, Pin-Hung CHEN, and Ming-Fei CHEN
  173 Measurements of Entrance Surface Dose Using a Fiber-Optic Dosimeter in Diagnostic Radiology Wook Jae YOO, Jeong Ki SEO, Sang Hun SHIN, Ki-Tek HAN, Dayeong JEON, Kyoung Won JANG, Hyeok In SIM, Bongsoo LEE, and Jang-Yeon PARK
  178 Measurements of Planar and Depth Dose Distributions Using a Scintillating Fiber-Optic Image Sensor System for Dosimetry in Radiotherapeutic Applications Sang Hun SHIN, Wook Jae YOO, Jeong Ki SEO, Ki-Tek HAN, Dayeong JEON, Kyoung Won JANG, Hyeok In SIM, Seunghyun CHO, and Bongsoo LEE
  182 Measurement of Refractive Index Variation by Differential Surface Plasmon Resonance Technique Ju-Yi LEE and Wu-Sheng GU
  185 Blue Laser Lithography for Making Antireflective Submicron Structures on Silicon Rung-Ywan TSAI, Chung-Ta CHENG, Chin-Tien YANG, Shuen-Chen CHEN, Chun-Chieh HUANG, Shih-Wei CHEN, and Wen-Haw LU
  189 Solid-State Interferometry of a Pentaprism for Generating Cylindrical Vector Beam Chien-Yuan HAN, Ruey-Shyan CHANG, and Hai-Fong CHEN
  193 Performance Comparison of Bilinear Interpolation, Bicubic Interpolation, and B-Spline Interpolation in Parallel Phase-Shifting Digital Holography Peng XIA, Tatsuki TAHARA, Takashi KAKUE, Yasuhiro AWATSUJI, Kenzo NISHIO, Shogo URA, Toshihiro KUBOTA, and Osamu MATOBA
  198 Fluorescence Image Excited by a Scanning UV-LED Light Hsin-Yi TSAI, Yi-Ju CHEN, and Kuo-Cheng HUANG
  202 Fabrication of Fresnel Lens by Glass Molding Technique Chien-Yao HUANG, Chun-Chieh CHEN, Hsiao-Yu CHOU, and Chang-Pin CHOU
  205 Optical Fiber-Based Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy with Cerium-Doped Lutetium Yttrium Orthosilicate Crystal Ki-Tek HAN, Wook Jae YOO, Jeong Ki SEO, Sang Hun SHIN, Dayeong JEON, Seunghan HONG, Seunghyun CHO, Joo Hyun MOON, and Bongsoo LEE
  209 Fiber-Optic pH Sensor Based on Sol–Gel Film Immobilized with Neutral Red Dayeong JEON, Wook Jae YOO, Jeong Ki SEO, Sang Hun SHIN, Ki-Tek HAN, Seon Geun KIM, Jang-Yeon PARK, and Bongsoo LEE
  214 Analytical Model of Light-Emitting Diode with Patterned Contact Akihiro KONISHI, Ryosuke YAMASE, Irina KHMYROVA, Julia KHOLOPOVA, Evgeny POLUSHKIN, Anatoly KOVALCHUK, Vadim SIROTKIN, and Sergei SHAPOVAL
  218 Optical Compensator with Switchable Modes Using Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystals Hsi-Fu SHIH, Di-Ying WU, Chuen-Lin TIEN, and Ching-Liang DAI
  224 The Development of an Inspection System for Defects in Silicon Crystal Growth Ya-Cheng LIU, Hsin-Yi TSAI, Min-Wei HUNG, and Kuo-Cheng HUANG
  227 Angular Tolerance and Sensitivity for Designing Fresnel-Like Prism Structures with Arbitrary Surface Profiles Chung-Jen OU
  232 Yellow-Ring Measurement of White LED in Various Lighting Environments Ching-Ching YANG, Hsin-Yi TSAI, and Kuo-Cheng HUANG
  236 Light Absorption Measurement of a Plasmonic Photocatalyst in the Circular Plane Waveguide of a Photocatalytic Dual Light Source Spinning Disk Reactor Hung Ji HUANG, Kuo-Cheng HUANG, and Din Ping TSAI
  241 Glucose Content Detection in Aqueous Solutions with Near-Infrared Polarization Spectrometry Noriaki SAIGA and Hiroki SHIBATA
  248 Design of Wavelength-Selective Waveplates Using Genetic Algorithm Ryuichi KATAYAMA
  254 Compact and Large Depth of Field Image Scanner for Auto Document Feeder with Compound Eye System Hiroyuki KAWANO, Tatsuki OKAMOTO, Taku MATSUZAWA, Hajime NAKAJIMA, Junko MAKITA, Yoshitaka TOYODA, Tetsuo FUNAKURA, Takahito NAKANISHI, Tatsuya KUNIEDA, and Tadashi MINOBE